18th Blue Diamonds Emblem
: A light blue lozenge (diamond shape) within a narrow yellow border. The lower half bearing a white cloud formation shaded gray and outlined black, surmounted by a blue demi-sphere with a diagonal, to viewer's upper left, white grid lines and black rim. In the upper half of the lozenge a stylized black dart trailing a wedge-shaped white and black vapor trail. Below the lozenge a black blank scroll.
Significance: The Globe alludes to global mission the clouds represent all-weather capa­bility. The dart plane form symbolizes modern and projected aerospace vehicles. The blue background indicates sky and space. Approved on 22 Oct. 1963. Courtesy of CMSgt Woodie Hall, USAF, Retired, C-141 Flying Squadrons.

18th Reunion Shirt

18th Alumni - the reunion committee has chosen Lands' End Business Outfitters for our reunion shirts and other items. You can go directly to the 18th Blue Diamonds page at Lands' End by clicking here or by going to http://www.ces.landsend.com/18thBlueDiamonds.

You have the opportunity to order any item out of the Lands' End catalog and have the logo put on it.

The reunion committee does not make any money on the products offered - so you get them at the price listed in the catalog.

We have two logos available!

Logo Number:           1257071w

Logo Size:                   2.00 x 3.65

Logo#:  1266264w
Logo Size:  2" wide x 3.4" high

Customer Number:  5031293

For questions please contact the webmaster at 18thBlueDiamonds.