18th Blue Diamonds Emblem
: A light blue lozenge (diamond shape) within a narrow yellow border. The lower half bearing a white cloud formation shaded gray and outlined black, surmounted by a blue demi-sphere with a diagonal, to viewer's upper left, white grid lines and black rim. In the upper half of the lozenge a stylized black dart trailing a wedge-shaped white and black vapor trail. Below the lozenge a black blank scroll.
Significance: The Globe alludes to global mission the clouds represent all-weather capa­bility. The dart plane form symbolizes modern and projected aerospace vehicles. The blue background indicates sky and space. Approved on 22 Oct. 1963. Courtesy of CMSgt Woodie Hall, USAF, Retired, C-141 Flying Squadrons.

18th Blue Diamonds Reunion Coin

There are a limited quantity of reunion coins left. Please send you check, made payable to 18th Blue Diamonds, to 18th Blue Diamonds PO Box 202, Wrightstown, NJ 08562-0202. Coins Cost $10 each plus $7.00 shipping.
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